About Us

Journeys in Yoga, llc offers group yoga classes in Tallahassee, Florida as well as private/specialty classes at your location locally and in the surrounding areas. We offer several styles of movement based yoga, as we believe there are many ways to heal the body through movement. We offer:
  • Intro to flow yoga: great for beginners, getting the basics
  • Flow yoga (sometimes called Vinyasa Yoga or Power Yoga): creatively flow from pose to pose, we have both heated and unheated variations
  • Hot yoga: a more static style done in a very hot room, full series as well as short series
  • Ashtanga yoga: the primary series, both full series as well as short series
  • Yin yoga: deep tissue stretching, long passive holds
  • Core yoga: designed to strengthen the core and upper body
  • Flow and Meditation: 45 minutes of yoga poses followed by 30 minutes of guided meditation and journaling


Our Operations and Mission

We have classes 7 days a week so there are a variety of class times and days from which to choose, and there are classes suitable for all. We welcome you to just drop in and try out a class: your first class is only $5.00 and you do not have to pre-register for any class. We have a very laid back approach to yoga practice and enjoy lots of laughter and fun in our classes. All of our teachers are available for private classes at your location or ours, prices vary per teacher and location so contact the teacher directly for information. We also host the Many Rivers Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Our mission at Journeys in Yoga is to make yoga accessible to all people through quality instruction. We strive to create a safe, healthy atmosphere to explore movement and breath, while encouraging and supporting the sense of connection that develops naturally between students, teachers and the community. We will meet these goals through a viable, sustainable yoga organization.  We operationalize our mission with the following way of approach:

  • Offer diverse class styles (no single approach is best)
  • Provide a consistent offering of classes and teachers
  • Employ positive, upbeat, educated teachers
  • Create a sense of community for teachers and students alike
  • Espouse encouragement vs completion
  • Allow for pose alternatives and modifications
  • Champion students in growing and learning
  • Provide clean, safe studio space
  • Encourage teachers to remain students
  • Assist new teachers in gaining teaching experience
  • Make available learning opportunities
  • Believe in diversity, embrace tolerance
  • Support teachers helping other teachers
  • Reward teachers financially for growth of their class and hence the studio
  • Give back to the community
  • Conduct business in a socially and environmentally conscious manner


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We offer flow, hot, yin and core yoga!

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