Intro Flow

Beginning Yoga!  An introduction to the  yoga poses that serve as the foundation for a yoga practice, this class is great for beginners and advanced students alike. The emphasis is on proper alignment and awareness of the breath in each pose. Suitable for all levels; room is not heated.

Open Flow I

Pairing postures with breath we create a moving meditation while improving our strength, flexibility and balance. Prior yoga experience is helpful. Also called Vinyasa Yoga or Power Yoga depending on where you are from! Room is very warm.

Open Flow II

A more intense version of Open Flow I, this class is a creative flow class with an emphasis on poses that require strength and stamina, with lots of room for individual expression. Arm balances, core work, and inversions will be explored. Experience with the Sun Salutations very helpful. Room is very warm.

Flow & Meditation

Combine movement and stillness with 45 minutes of all levels flow yoga followed by 30 minutes of guided meditation, self guided meditation and/or reflection. Great for those wanting to experience different meditation techniques along with the physical practice of yoga. Suitable for all levels; room is not heated.

Fire Flow I

This class offers an original sequence which combines Hot, Flow, and Ashtanga yoga styles to offer a unique and powerful practice. Fire Flow I is a little less intense pose wise, moves at a little slower pace, like open flow 1 but with extra heat. Room is very hot.

Fire Flow II

Like Fire Flow 1, this class combines Hot, Flow, and Ashtanga yoga styles as well but with a little more intensity. Fire Flow II is for experienced practitioners who are looking for a more self-directed exploration of the poses such as arm balances and inversions. Room is very hot.

Core Flow and Core Pilates

Core Flow: An intense flow yoga class with emphasis on the core and upper body, room is warm
Core Pilates: Classical Pilates with some yoga added in, room is warm.


A very powerful series of standing and floor poses, done with optional Sun Salutations. We do the same poses each week in a heated room, along with two breathing exercises. This class is a work out, yet it is suitable for all levels looking for a hot, vigorous practice as the pacing allows beginners to easily follow along. Room is heated to over 102 degrees- bring a towel and lots of water to drink! (90 min.)

Hot Lite

Just like the Hot class above except with just one set of each pose from the Hot Yoga series. (one hour)


The primary series, this style of yoga developed in India by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois is the foundation from which flow yoga is built. Experience with the Sun Salutations highly recommended and this class is very vigorous! Room is very warm to hot. (90 min.)

Ashtanga Lite

The “Lite” version of the above, this class will be slower, shorter, and not cover as many poses. Instead it gives all levels of students time to learn the poses and build strength. The room is warm and this is vigorous– but at an accessible pace. It is great as a stand alone class or as prep for (or an addition to) the Wednesday at 5:30 full Ashtanga Primary Series.

Yin Yoga

A yoga class designed to stretch the deep connective tissues of the body, the joints and ligaments. Each pose is held for several minutes and the focus is on allowing the body to open at its natural pace. This is a mellow class that is suitable for all levels and the room is not heated.

Yin & Yang

This unique class combines the more active aspects of a flow class with the more passive aspects of a yin class.  45 minutes of flow and 30 minutes of yin- or maybe some times the opposite! Some yoga experience helpful.


Donation Class

This one hour, all levels, donation based class will be taught by Journeys In Yoga’s teachers in training. The teachers in training will be supervised by a teacher with at least 200 hours of training. Style will vary based on the teacher, as will experience, so come with an open mind ready to have some fun. This is a chance for you to contribute to a local charity while providing valuable experience and feedback to our up and coming teachers! 100% of proceeds go to charity. NOTE- the first Wednesday of the month is a Hot Lite class.