Read through these frequently asked questions.  If you do not find an answer here then please email or text us!

Need a gift certificate?  Click HERE for our online store- look at the menu across the top and click on “Gift Cards”; it is the third selection from the right.  Follow the directions from there and print out your gift card at the end of the process!

Q- Do I need to preregister for classes? What time should I arrive?

A-     ALL of our classes are first come first serve- we do not allow online reservation for classes. You do not even need to let us know you are coming- just show up. On your first visit you want to arrive 15 minutes early so we can get you in the system. During the months of January to March we are at peak capacity and you want to arrive early for classes during those months.

Q- Can I leave my child (anyone under the age of 18) in the lobby while I take a yoga class?

A- We are very sorry but no one under the age of 18 may be left unattended in the lobby of the yoga studio while you take a class, even if you can see them through the door.  We do not want anything to happen to you child while unattended in the lobby and allowing this to occur also places the studio at great risk.  Practicing yoga is for YOU, it is your time.  Come when you have child care and you can relax and focus on your practice.

Q- Do you offer kids yoga classes/can my child attend an adult class?

A- We do not currently offer kids yoga classes, as they have not been well supported in our past several attempts.  Kids yoga may be offered at other studios in Tallahassee.  Any child over the age of 12 may try an adult class with their parent if they are able to make it through an 1.15 or 1.30 minute class.  They do not have to do all the poses but they DO need to be able to remain quietly on their mat.  Any child under the age of 12 needs to get special permission to attend.  Remember that you know your child.  Some kids can make it easily through the class while others have trouble focusing for that amount of time.  Make sure it is something your child really wants to do before taking them to an adult class!!

Q-Can I get a gift certificate?

A-     Yes!  For both yoga and massage, you have a few options:

  1. Online ( For this option, click on the link, and go to the online store.  In the online store there are subheadings at the top right, one of which is gift cards.  Click this option and follow the prompts!
  2. At the studio- only when classes are in session or there will be no one there!
  3. Over the phone


Q- What should I bring?

A-     You should bring a mat, water and a towel (really mandatory for any heated or flow class). If you do not have a mat we do have mats you can borrow, however we strongly recommend you bring your own mat. Mats can be purchased at Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx, Target etc. very inexpensively. We also have Jade and Maduka mats and towels for sale as well as YogiToes towels. We have a water cooler so you can fill/refill your bottles but we do not sell bottled water. There is a Winn Dixie right next door should you wish to purchase bottled water.

Q- What should I wear?

A-     You should wear whatever you feel comfortable bending and stretching and moving in. If you are attending a heated class, dress accordingly- nothing too heavy. There is no dress code and you do not need expensive yoga clothes to participate!   We practice barefoot so no special shoes are required. You may wear socks but they are much harder to balance in.

Q- I have never done yoga before and I am nervous! Is there anything I should know going in?

A-     First of all, while it is normal to be nervous, try not to worry! At Journeys we are very laid back and playful in our approach to yoga. We don’t believe in competition- just enjoying the process. Know that it is a safe place to explore movement and getting to know your own body- no matter what it looks like. Everyone, students and teachers alike, do the best they can with the practice each time they are on their mat. It is understood that modifications of poses, as well as resting whenever you need to, are accepted and encouraged. A few things to know- don’t eat too much before class, try to hydrate throughout the day especially if you are doing a hot class, don’t wear shoes on the studio floors (anywhere there is cork), leave your belongings in the cubbies in the lobby, try to DETACH from your cell phone- leave it in the cubbies, try not to step on each other’s mats, say hello to your fellow yogis, help yourself to props, ask the teacher questions, take care of your body- physically and mentally, chill out and have fun.

Q- What type of yoga do you offer?

A-     We have a wide variety of yoga class styles. Most of them are movement based (postures) versus seated meditation. Some of our classes are heated (they are called “hot” or “fire”), some of very active and some are more passive. Check out our class descriptions for more information!

Q- What is hot yoga?

A-     Hot yoga is yoga done in a heated room. At Journeys our Hot yoga classes are the more traditional static series of poses done twice in a full length hot class (1.5 hours) and once in a hot lite class (1 hour). Our Fire Flow classes are heated flow classes, meaning we move from pose to pose using the sun salutations in a heated room. The heat is designed to help the body detox as well as warm the muscles to make stretching them easier.

Q-What classes are good for beginners?

A-     The Intro flow classes, the Hot/Hot Lite classes and the yin classes are all very beginner friendly. In all classes you do what you can and have fun! We are very relaxed in our approach and if you end up in a class that you feel is “over your head”,  just do the best you can with it- no one minds.

Q- Do you have showers?

A-     No we do not. We do have restrooms where you can change clothes.

Q- What are your class prices?

A-     The first time you come to our studio it is $5. After that you can drop in for $10. We have three packages deals: 5 classes for $40, 10 classes for $70 and 20 classes for $120. That is $8, $7 and $6 a class! Great deal! The packages are good for any class at the studio in a 6 month time period and may be shared with friends and family.

Q- How can I pay?

A-     We accept cash, check and most credit cards

Q- Can I get an extension on my expired pass?

A-     Yes! For $10 we can extend your pass for three more months.

Q- Do you offer student/state/federal/senior discounts?

A-     We decided when we opened the studio that we would keep our prices as low as we possibly could and still pay the bills. And that we would offer those prices to EVERY person who walked through the door. So we do not offer additional discounts on top of those packages prices. We offer a donation class every week (taught by our teachers in training) and while 100% of the proceeds go to local charity, we never require any sort of payment in those classes.

Q- What are the donation classes?

A-     The donation classes are taught by our teachers in training, allowing them to get valuable classroom experience. The classes are usually Intro Flow level.  All money collected will go to local charity- you can donate or not, it is totally up to you. Understand that the teachers are still in training and may make some mistakes! They are supervised by a trained yoga teacher during this class. They occur on Mondays at 530. We also have a donation class on the Saturday of teacher training weekends at 430. These are listed on our MindBody interactive schedule.

Q- Can I pay for classes/gift cards online?

A-     Yes! On our interactive MindBody site you can log in and purchase ore classes, gift card and check how many classes are left on your account.

Q- Does my insurance company reimburse for yoga?

A-     You will have to check with your insurance company. Many companies are reimbursing for yoga/fitness and have their own requirements in order to get that reimbursement. The company we have the most experience with is CHP and their website has the instructions you need to follow in order to get reimbursed. Journeys in Yoga does not contract with any insurance company- you go through your company to get reimbursed. We are happy to provide you with any documentation that you need.

Q- What are your hours?

A-     If you need to come to the studio to make a purchase, staff are available only when classes are in session. You can check out the schedule to find a time that would work for you.

Q- Do you sell any retail?

A-     Yes we have a very small retail selection of Manduka Pro Lite and Eko mats, Manduka towels, Jade mats, Jade towels, and Yogitoes towels.  We do not sell any yoga clothing or other products.