Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about getting a massage:

  1. I’ve never had a massage before, what can I expect?

First we will discuss what you’d like to focus on in your massage session: areas of tension, tightness, injuries you’ve been working with, etc. Then we will go into the massage room and I’ll instruct you to begin either lying on the back or the stomach.  Then I’ll leave the room and give you plenty of time to use the restroom if needed,  undress to your comfort level, and get on the table with a flat sheet (called a “drape” in massage lingo) covering you completely.  When I return, I’ll ask what I can do to make you more comfortable (adjust the heat/AC, add a blanket, etc.).  I’ll also ask you about the amount of pressure you think you might like during the massage (which we can always edit at any time throughout the massage)—you might not know if it’s your first massage : ).  When the massage is over, I’ll leave the room once more while you get dressed. We will meet in the lobby and process payment then. 

  1. So, what does “undress to my comfort level” really mean?

Your safety and modesty is the chief concern at all times.  Some people are comfortable undressing completely, while others prefer to leave their underwear on. Know that only one body part at a time (whatever is being worked on at the moment) will be uncovered by the drape, the rest of you will remain covered.

  1. What do I do once the massage begins?

Absolutely nothing!  That’s the beauty of massage!  Breathing deeply and inviting the body to relax as much as possible are your only “tasks” during a massage.  Some people are comfortable chatting while others are silent and still others fall asleep—many do a combo of all of those things! Whatever makes you the most comfortable is absolutely what you should do, I will take my lead from you.  Always feel free to communicate your needs throughout the massage (I need more pressure on the low back, more time on the shoulders, I’m too cold, etc.).

  1. Why should I get a massage?

The physical and mental benefits of massage are vast! Check out this link for a nice comprehensive list: