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  • Hello Friends, well I am sad that I even have to write this post but wanted our community to be aware. Monday 4/16/18, during the morning class, two women came into the studio. They engaged the teacher with some questions about yoga and left. Or so we thought. Some time between the time they entered and the time they left, they stole 4 wallets out of closed purses in the cubbies. They did this in a very short time and they seemed to know exactly what they were doing. 
    It has been a hard lesson for us at Journeys. Please know that doors will now be locked when classes are in session and there are no desk staff present, so arrive on time. We are going to add some hooks/shelves inside the moon and sun rooms to hang purses and place wallets within your eyesight but we will need you to be vigilant about turning off your phones. We would also, however, encourage you to leave all of your valuables locked in your car. Even when our desk staff are present, they are NOT responsible for watching your belongings, so we really need you to partner with us to keep your possessions safe. While we will take steps to safeguard things, we will not psychologically allow a few bad to overshadow the amazing GOOD in our community. Namaste’, Suzanne

  • Using Mind Body to pre-register for classes- there are RULES!!  Sorry!! Please scroll down to read about them.

  • A note about one of our students- Jackie- please scroll down.

  • Prenatal Yoga:  at this time we are not planning on offering a prenatal yoga class this year (2018) due to scheduling conflicts.  We hope to have it return some time in the future.

  •  Yoga teacher training 200 hour and 300 hour (formerly called 500 hour)- click HERE

  • Need a gift certificate?  Click HERE for our online store- look at the menu across the top and click on “Gift Cards”; it is the third selection from the right.  Follow the directions from there and print out your gift card at the end of the process!

  • Our workshops require preregistration but our regular classes do not- you can still just show up to those!


Using MindBody to pre-book your classes:

This is the first “New Years rush” time that we have used the MindBody booking feature to allow people to pre-register for classes.  We only allow 10 spots to be pre-booked, all other spots are for walk in clients.  If a class says “call” instead of “book”, it means that the pre-booked spots are taken but NOT that the class is full.  In the sun and earth rooms we have space for 40 and in the moon room about 25.  We do not require online booking.  What we DO require is that you arrive at LEAST 10 minutes before the class starts- EVEN IF  you did book online.  If you do not, we will give your space away- but we will allow the money you spent to be credited to your account, so there will be no financial penalty at this time.  This time of year, until at least March, consider coming 15 minutes early to all classes but especially the Hot and Open Flow classes.  They are the most popular classes.  Thank you for your cooperation, and for being open and accommodating to your fellow students as we make space for each other! – Suzanne

Other things to know:

  • We do ask that you still sign in to the class when you arrive so that we have documentation of your attendance.
  • You can also very easily UNBOOK yourself (ahead of time please!) if you cannot attend the class.
  • Even if you pre-book a class we still ask that you arrive ON TIME to all classes. Your spot will not be held after the start of the class if there are other people waiting for your spot!
  • Pre-registration for our classes is still NOT required. Only a certain number of slots can be pre-booked. So you can continue to just show up!
  • Buying classes through the APP or the website is a big time saver so keep that option in mind for the future. 


A note about one of our students:

Dear friends, I just wanted to take a moment to talk to you about one of our students, Jackie. I share this with permission from her family. I first told you about Jackie last year when she became gravely ill with viral encephalitis and we raised money to help her family with her care (thank you!). It was a miracle that Jackie even survived this illness and I am so grateful as Jackie has been my friend for more than 11 years. She was one of the first yoga teachers at Journeys many years ago; she was a great support to me and to the studio, as was her family. Jackie’s road has been a long one- and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. She has damage to the frontal lobe of her brain from the infection. She has very limited short term memory and her long term memory is also impaired. She cannot be left alone for fear of her getting confused and placing herself in danger. BUT, she remains the positive, outgoing, and truly loving person she was before the infection. This is Jackie’s true nature- she never knew a stranger, looked for the best in everything, and if you needed a hug she has one to offer without reservation. And this is still Jackie. In March of 2017 Jackie started coming back to yoga. Slowly she increased her attendance and it was amazing to see just how much her body remembered the practice, even if her mind did not. She recently told me in a very lucid moment that when she comes to yoga, it is the only time her mind quiets down, that the roar of confusion caused by the damage to her brain subsides and she feels at peace. This brought tears to my eyes and I thought of the amazing teachers and students that we have at Journeys who have embraced her, helped her when she ended up on the wrong mat, were kind when she took their shoes instead of hers, loved her right back when she acted like she had been your friend for years but you just met her, and just chuckled and moved on with her many comments throughout the class she was participating in. At the end of the day, even though we may want to have total and utter quiet during our practice, what we are really doing on our mats is learning to find our inner quiet no matter what is happening around us. We are learning how to let go and just be with whatever it is. And we are sharing healing. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have Jackie at the studio- healing through the practice of yoga and healing because of the compassion that each one of you show to her on a daily basis. Thank you. If you have never met Jackie, just let us know and we will introduce you. She is an inspiration and a wonderful person. Namaste’!